Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nights of Lights.

We rang in the Christmas season last night with our annual trip to Lake Lanier Islands.  Granti, Auntie, DB, CoCo, Raven, and Sam joined us for the evening, and we had a ton of fun!

Granti rode with our family while everyone else followed behind in Green Dean (Cassidy's car).  There was lots of squealing and excited wiggling from Emmy (I think she was more excited about riding in Granti's lap than she was about the actual lights) and LOTS of commentary from Harris.  The kid talks ALL the time. 

Babe's favorite lights were "The Wizard of Oz" themed decorations, and Harris most enjoyed "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  We're working hard to explain to him that the partridge is actually found in a "pear tree" rather than a "pantry," but secretly I don't want him to make the change!

At the end of the light display, we all climbed out to play in the "snow" (read: soap bubbles), check out all the tree displays and ornaments, visit with Santa, and ride a couple of the "holiday carnival" rides.

I didn't take too many pictures, but this one is one of my favorites (she kissed him on the cheek seconds before I snapped it):

Hadley didn't want to be in any pictures, but Raven made sure I had my camera before we even left the house.  She wanted me to take LOTS of pictures of her. :)

This baby girl is so sweet to tolerate our crazy family.  Bless her heart; she still doesn't fully understand what she's been born into! 

The Holiday Beaver (?!?!?) was a big hit, too!  Babe loved on him, of course, but still wasn't willing to have her picture taken.

In fact, the only picture she was willing to take was with Santa.  The pic below is awful quality (I tried to take a picture of the print Mom purchased with my camera) but makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Sam and Emmy FLIPPED out.  And Santa looks less than jolly.  Can't say I blame him.

But what a great way to ring in the Christmas season!  We finished up the evening at the carnival (Harris explored the fun house, Babe and Sam rode the carousel with Granti, and Raven picked to ride the swings) and then headed home and climbed into bed. 

I love school breaks!

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