Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chapel Bell.

A couple of Harris' favorite parts of Georgia football games include the video screen.

He LOVES the video of Hairy Dawg tackling people who don't throw their trash away.  It plays during the 3rd quarter and is seriously one of the highlights of Harry's time inside Sanford Stadium.

He also loves seeing the video of all the students celebrating a UGA victory by ringing the chapel bell.  A couple of weeks ago, he and I had the opportunity to walk by the bell on our way to the stadium.  Even though we hadn't technically "won" the game yet, I stopped and let him ring it.  Coolest mom ever, folks.

We had Babe with us this past Saturday and decided to walk through campus (and pass the bell) again.  And, of course, passing the bell equates to ringing the bell. 

Hadley was a little unsure of pulling the rope (I think she thought she had to climb it?!?!?!), but with some help from Daddy did a great job.

I love football Saturdays with these guys.  Love them.

I just can't wait to enjoy a season without a baby inhabiting my belly!  It's been quite a while since I've attended a game and NOT been pregnant...

And seriously.  My due date is in January.  Bring on the bigness, I guess.

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