Sunday, November 11, 2012


He lost his first tooth tonight.

It's been loose least a month.  He was willing to let us touch it every once in a while, but really hadn't shown much interest in messing with it or pulling it out. 

Tonight, though, he didn't have a choice.

He was acting like a kangagroo on his way from the shower to his bedroom.  Evidently, he had his towel in his mouth.  He took a "kangaroo" hop and tripped on the bottom part of the towel.  When he landed, he knew right away that the tooth was ready to come out.  He yelled to us and we came running.  Ben volunteered to pull it for him, but Harris said he'd do it himself.  And he did.

And then he saw the blood.  And then he saw his bleeding gum in the mirror.  And then he freaked out.

But just for a second.  We convinced him the blood was because he fell, he let us wash out his mouth, and then he had a BLAST squirting water through his gaping hole. :)

He is highly anticipating his visit from the tooth fairy.  I wrote her a note to ask if she'd let me keep his tooth.

I'm pretty sure she will.

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