Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ten Months.

Wowza.  Ten months.  Where to start?

Probably with your weight and height from your 9-month well-check, which I forgot to mention last time.  Back on September 10, you weighed in at 18 lbs 3 oz (36 %) and were 27 inches long (28%).  You continue to be the smallest baby yet, although I still haven't gone back to compare actual weights and heights.  Maybe one day.

You continue to be full of life, smiles, laughs, and babble.  Your top two teeth are getting ready to break through and really haven't caused much of an issue for you yet.  You're still a great sleeper, going down around 7:30 for the night and up again around 7:00 (later on the weekends) in the morning.  You're hanging on to that little morning nap (about an hour or so around 9:00) and are still championing a two-hour afternoon nap (as long as we're home!). 

You're a lightning-fast crawler and have mastered the art of pulling yourself up to your knees.  You climb on, over, and through whatever you can find and still LOVE to be entertained by your brother and sister.  You understand "no" and occasionally obey the command...Norman's food, water, and kennel are some of your favorite forbidden things to get into.  You also babble "ma ma" and "da da" constantly, and will often look to each of us when we ask you to identify someone. 

You're a dancer.  Daddy often plays songs for you on the iPad and you bounce and clap away.  "Cherokee Boogie," by BR5-49, is your absolute favorite and you love being the center of attention whenever we all start singing and laughing with you.

Your hair is still red, your belly is still big, your feet are still tiny, and your ears are still full of wax.  You're still a great eater (a good mix of baby and table food) and have gone back to drinking a little more formula throughout the day (between 20-24 oz).   

You're over being confined. No more swing and it's extremely rare for you to tolerate the bouncy seat or exersaucer anymore.  You're most definitely a girl on the go!  You're into EVERYTHING, too...if you can reach it, out it comes.  We're getting over your "stranger anxiety" phase, too...there are rarely tears in the church or gym nursery anymore, although you still prefer to be held by someone in both of those situations.

You still seem so little to me.  I know in just a few months, once Thatcher arrives, you'll seem like a giant, so I'm trying to hold on to your "littleness" as long as I can.

I love you, girl-girl.

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