Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Dance.

One of my very favorite holiday traditions is the Mother/Son Halloween Dance.  Harris and I attended our 4th dance last night and had an absolute blast!

We began the evening by meeting the Lockharts for dinner at Dooley's.  After eating, Harris and I quickly changed before heading out to the community center and Ben took the girls out to the mall for a ride on the carousel.

Even though we came straight from dinner, one of the highlights of the evening for Harry was the vast array of Halloween treats and special orange punch.

So, we spent the first part of the night eating.

We danced some (The Twist, Shout, and Thriller were hits) and then went to check out "The Witch's Remains," where we were able to touch (but not see!) a dead witch's hair, skin, warts, brain, heart, and boogers.  Gross.

We made it back to the dance floor in time for the limbo.  Harris loves him some limbo. :)

My sweet boy told me he can't wait until next year when we can bring Thatcher, too.  He's already got Thatcher's costume planned:  R2D2, of course.

I love my big boy.  And I love spending time with him.

Happy Halloween, y'all!

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