Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Beach Trip.

For the second year in a row (tradition!) we took full advantage of our furlough day and headed down to the beach with the Boozer family.  This year, Daddy Boozer hooked us up with a condo in none other than PCB and we spent a great three-day weekend sleeping, eating, swimming, eating, riding go carts, and eating.  Perfection.

Here's a quick rundown of our weekend:

Friday:  Hit the road after work.  Dinner at Cracker Barrell.  Roll into PCB in time to unload and lay down. :)

Saturday:  Up and excited!  Devour a bag of Honey Nut Cheerios.  Hit the beach.

Emmy LOVED splashing and crawling and getting wet.  She was at such a great age to enjoy the beach!!!

The biggies loved the water, too, but spent quite a bit of time digging holes in the sand as well.

Mid-day break for lunch and naps.  We hopped in the car to head down the strip and ended up stopping at Pier Park for some fantastic Seafood Nachos at the The Back Porch.

The afternoon was spent at the pool.

And then, after an awful first half of the Georgia game, we headed out to The Red Bar for crab cakes and chocolate brownies.  Delicious.

Sunday:  Hit repeat.  Donuts for breakfast, beach time for all. 

The weather over the weekend was absolutely perfect.  Hadley spent hours in the ocean, simply floating around.  She loved having her toes nibbled by the little fish and catching hermit crabs with Cadence, Brock, and Harris.  They ended up with quite a collection.

The mid-day break for lunch ended up, well, interesting.  We decided to leave the beach and walk over to Dusty's on the Captain's orders.  Dusty's wasn't far at all from our spot on the beach, and I don't think anybody else minded too much, but this pregnant mama felt like I was walking on asphalt straight from Hades.  It's a good thing the food and company were good, because our poor little waitress was struggling.  And that's putting it nicely.  We laughed a lot.

We hit the pool immediately after walking back from lunch and then collapsed for late afternoon naps.  After a good 2+ hour rest, we headed out for pizza and go-carts. 

So much fun!

Of course, no trip to the Gulf Coast is complete without a stop at The Donut Hole, so we hit that place up for breakfast after checking out on Monday morning.

I'm honestly going to miss this furlough day if it ever gets taken out of the calendar!  We're still partial to Fernandina in the summer time but have loved us some Destin and Panama City in the off season.
Thanks for an awesome weekend, Boozer fam!

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