Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Parade.

One of the best things about Dacula is the Memorial Day Parade.  It never ceases to amaze me that I live in town that is less than ten miles from the Mall of Georgia, yet still celebrates Memorial Day with a parade of tractors.  God bless America!

We've been taking these guys to the parade for years.  They were pros at the whole waving, clapping, and candy catching today.

Emmy and Olivia made their parade debut today.  Livi was too little to enjoy any of the fun, but Big Nut caught a good thirty minutes of parade action before passing out.

The kids (and adults!) crowded unbelievably close to the road today.  Our oldest four loved it.

My sweet (and tall!) Harris collected lots of candy and placed it all in his bag to eat later.  Babe, on the other hand, would pick up a piece, eat it, and then repeat the process.  That girl is a sugar addict.

We had a great time.  Granti and Auntie even ran the 5K before the parade started.  I think I might make that goal of mine for next year!

Happy Memorial Day, y'all!

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