Thursday, May 3, 2012


You're looking at the newest Firebird, folks.

Harris got his first look at his new elementary school this afternoon.  The big spring orientation isn't until next week, but we checked out the media center and cafeteria today as we turned in all of our paperwork.

While I completed the basic information (address, emergency contacts, etc.), Harry quietly read books and waited for his "screening."  I finished up just in time to catch the very end of the assessment from across the room.  I could hear my sweet boy ask the teacher if she wanted him to say the information in Spanish, too, because he was "learning that at school."

He didn't tell me too much about the screening, except that he was asked about uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, and sight words.  He did tell me that he got "distracted" by the lowercase "b" and the lowercase "d," because sometimes they look alike.  He said the rest of it was easy. :)

We completed his transportation paperwork as well, allowing him to ride the bus to and from my school, and walked out with two new spiritwear shirts.  He's already selected one to wear to school tomorrow.

I sure hope I'm ready for this...

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