Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunday in Chattanooga.

We woke up well-rested and ready to get moving on Sunday morning!

After packing up our stuff, we headed to the breakfast buffet and stuffed our faces.  The kids ate well (breakfast is a favorite!) and immediately headed out to get a little more time on the train before we had to leave.

Ben, Emmy, and I watched the big kids play for at least half an hour before loading up and heading over to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Authority for our ride on the Missionary Ridge Local.

We were a few minutes early, so we spent some time climbing up and down and in and out of some of the different train cars they had on display.  We've done this lots before while riding Thomas and The Polar Express, but it was such a better experience without the crowds.

We headed to the platform once we heard the whistle announcing the approaching train.

We had a great little ride through a very famous tunnel (it was featured in Water for Elephants!) and then hopped off to watch the engine on the turntable and tour the shop area.  Even I was pretty impressed with the turntable demonstration.

We rode back to the station, grabbed a quick snack in the cafe area while Emmy nursed, and headed to Mimi and Poppa's for a short visit before making our way back home.

I'm pretty sure my new favorite tradition (other than Disney!) is going to be the quick weekend getaway. 

I love my family.

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