Sunday, April 29, 2012

Date Night.

I am so thankful I made an effort to take Harris to the Mother-Son Date Knight hosted by Chick-fil-A last night.  We spent a long, hot day running between the Spring Fling and Flag Football and I actually had second thoughts about attending the evening event at all, but we went.  And it was so worth it.

We've watched Ben and Babe go off on a few of their own Chick-fil-A Date Nights and Harry was more than stoked for it to be our turn.  On the drive over, he told me he was so excited that his "tummy felt funny from the bottom up!"

We talked a lot about appropriate date behavior.  He opened doors for me and (begrudgingly) paid for our dinner with my ATM card and then promptly asked me why "boys had to do everything!"  He also informed that he would not be taking a "lovely girl on a date" anytime soon. 

We had a blast answering the conversation starter questions and creating our own shield.  Harris LOVED the "would you rather" questions and kept asking for more.  We also ran into another mother-son pair that are very, very dear to us, so after eating dinner on our own, we joined these guys for dessert.  I'm so thankful we found them before my sweet date ditched me for the playground!

We also, of course, had the best waiters in the joint.  Clayton and Travis are two of our very best guys!

I'm quite certain we were the last ones to leave the event.  We had such a fun time on our double date and can't wait until next time!

I love this guy!!!!

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