Saturday, April 14, 2012

Four Months.

Big Nut,

I love you.  With every fiber of my being.  But I am having the hardest time keeping up with your milestones.  Let me rephrase:  Daddy and I (and the big kids) celebrate every single new thing you do.  I just have a hard time writing them down. :)

So here's what I remember about your fourth month:

-At your appointment,  you weighed 12 lbs, 11 oz (31%) and were 23.5 inches long (25%).  You're still the tiniest of everyone, but you've chunked up pretty well in the last few weeks.

-Your schedule is pretty much perfect.  During the week, we wake you around 7:15.  On the weekends you'll often sleep until 8:00!  You nurse or take a bottle every four hours throughout the day.  You get two bottles at Ginnell's and started the month drinking 7 oz. at each feeding but are now up to eight.  Pumping at work continues to be a breeze for me, too...I pump exactly what you need each day.  You typically go down for the night around 8:00, sometimes later if we're out and about.  I "top you off" with a short, short, short nursing session before putting you down, and we call it a day.  Dr. Jackson told us we could go ahead and try cereal with you, but things are going so well these days that I'm going to hold off for another few weeks.

-Your skin is still mega-dry.  Daddy lathers you with lotion every night, and you love it.  He's very gentle and caring when he does it.  Your head is covered in cradle cap, too, but Granti and I both love taking care of that stuff!  We've cut your baths down to about one a week, also, which really seems to help your skin.

-You smile and LAUGH all the time.  You're ticklish around your neck and ribs, and also let out some big belly laughs when we get close to your face or bounce you slightly on our bed.

-We get complimented all the time on what a good baby you are.  It's true.

-You're loving your time at Ms. Ginnell's and they're loving you.  Now that Mr. Joe's at home, you get to spend quite a lot of time with him.  We are so, so blessed to have them in our lives.

-You poop once a week.  It's a blowout and it usually happens in the church nursery on Sunday mornings.  It's just what you do.

-You're a pro at rolling from your stomach to your back and have just about mastered rolling from your back to your stomach...that one little arm still tends to cause hang ups for you, but I feel certain you'll have it down pat pretty soon.

-You grab just about anything you can see and have reached the stage where everything goes straight to your mouth.  Your fingers spend tons of time there!  You are most definitely a thumb sucker and now prefer your thumb over your pacifier.  You can even get your thumb in your mouth on the first try now!  You're starting to suck your first two fingers during your awake time, too.  It's cute.

-You still wear size two diapers but have moved up to six month clothing.

-Your feet are still ridiculously small.

-You celebrated Easter for the first time.

You fit perfectly in our family.

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