Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Man's Birthday.

I love birthdays.  Seriously.  I think everybody needs a day of celebration at least once a year.  Birthdays handle that perfectly. :)

And even though Ben's birthday fell on our first day back to work and school after a wonderfully relaxing Spring Break and Easter holiday, we still had a great time making a big fuss over him.

The man loves a big fuss.

We started the morning with birthday balloons (per his request!) and gifts before heading off for the day.  The kids were beside themselves excited for Ben to open the present they picked out especially for him.

It's not every day you get an Uga pillow pet.

I've got to admit I was pretty excited for Ben to open my gift as well.  Hello, game day pants.

I think Ben was pumped...and shocked!  I totally caught him off guard, which is so much fun (and crazy hard) to do.  In fact, he said the only gift that would have been better than the pants would be a Cadillac.  If you know anything about our Cadillac deal, I'm fairly certain that would have worked out better for both of us. :)

After work and school, our family of five headed out to Provino's for the free birthday meal.

A good time was had by all.

Especially when it came time for the birthday spankings.  Thirty six is quite a lot.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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