Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break O'Fun.

We've had a blast hanging together during Spring Break this week.  Highlights of the week have included:  our trip to Chattanooga, seeing "The Lorax" (even Daddy got to go!), visiting Daddy's office for a trip to the playground and lunch at Los Hermanos, going to Mema's house, and some time at the Game Ranch.

It's just a little taste of what's to come this summer. :)

I only took pictures of our outing to the Game Ranch.  It's an annual trip for us, and we had a ton of fun once again this year!

Big Nut just chilled in her stroller, but Harry and Babe had a great time feeding all of the animals.  We had peanuts, corn, crackers, apples, and carrots, and the animals loved us!

This was our first time visiting in the afternoon.  I was afraid the animals wouldn't be very hungry, but I was wrong!  We didn't see as many deer as usual, but we spent a ton of time with the farmyard animals.  Spring is a good time to visit, too, because little babies are all over the place!

Until next year (or possibly this summer), Game Ranch!

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