Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving, Larryville Style.

I like turkey.  I like pecan pie.  I like ham and macaroni and cheese and squash casserole and green beans and pound cake and lemon curd and mashed potatoes and everything else that makes up a Thanksgiving dinner.  But my favorite thing about the holiday, by far, is singing along with whatever band happens to be playing when the Christmas tree lights up for the first time in downtown L'ville.

I also really dig watching Santa ride in on a fire truck or trolley or carriage or whatever it is that happens to be carrying he and Mrs. Claus through the square, and I love experiencing the entire evening with my family, even if Jay and Cassidy ended up arguing just a little bit this year.

Mom and Ben spent some time in the antique stores, and the kids' favorite light displays included the train and Rudolph, as always.

One of the best parts of the evening, though, was getting to use "The Situation" (Cassidy's laptop) to iChat with TyTy.  We miss us some Brother.

And, as a special holiday treat, Ben let the kiddos end the day by sleeping together in Harris' bed.  We tried to give Babe her own pillow, but she wasn't too crazy about the idea.

She's pretty crazy about her brother, though, and he loves her right back.  He told me a few days ago that he did not want to grow up and get  married and have his own children because he "wanted to stay with BeBe for always." 

I'll make sure to remind him of that ten years from now.

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