Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rudolph and Clarice.

Ben took us on a fun family outing to Build-a-Bear to stuff our very own Rudolph dolls.  I made sure we arrived as soon as the store opened; I was incredibly afraid of large crowds, but we ended up getting in and out in under twenty minutes.  It was perfect!

The kids had an absolute blast.  All Hadley could say, over and over and over, was, "I love her.  Look at that Clarice.  I love her."  Harris snuggled and hugged and bathed and brushed Rudolph, and both kids have not let those deer out of their sight since leaving the store.

They also have not stopped making the deer "talk" (I'm so stoked the dolls make noise!), so I've pretty much heard the following conversation a thousand times:  "Hi, I'm Clarice."  "Hi, I'm Rudolph."  "I think you're cute."  "I'm cute, I'm cute...she thinks I'm cute!"

They are pretty cute.  All four of them.

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  1. Brian and I have decided that Rudolf sounds a little like Chester the Molester when he says, "Hi, I'm Rudolph." Mine love theirs too!