Friday, November 5, 2010

Election Day at the Aquarium

Yes, I voted.

But I also took advantage of the Election Day holiday to head down to the Georgia Aquarium with the kiddos, Auntie, and Baby Sam Sam.  In my book, Election Day and the Aquarium just seem to be made for each other. 

Harris and Hadley were mesmerized by the fish, Baby Samuel was perfect, and Auntie somehow managed to keep up with herself, Samuel, his carseat, his stroller, his diaper bag, and her purse and still enjoy the day.

Harris was all about running from exhibit to exhibit, and couldn't wait for the rest of us to catch up with him so we could all go check out "more cool stuff."  Babe, on the other hand, really enjoyed the areas where she was able to actually get her hands on animals:  starfish, stingrays, sea urchins, baby name it, she wanted to touch it.  She would have been content to keep her hands in the pool all day.

The jellyfish, penguin, and otter exhibits ranked high with the kids.  The big sea turtle was pretty cool, too, as was anything that remotely resembled Nemo.

Cassidy and I favored the areas with wall-to-wall viewing windows.  We were fans of the penguins, also, but crawling through the penguin tunnel left me with a slight claustrophobic feeling and some extremely sweaty armpits.

The kids also really enjoyed the parts of the aquarium where the ceiling doubles as a viewing tank.

Hadley remained quite subdued while taking everything in, but Harry had a bit tougher time keeping his excitement in check.

He was pretty much full throttle from the moment he first spotted the aquarium logo while we were still a block away from the building.  "Look!  A G-Dawg-Fish!  A G-Dawg-Fish!  Do we like the G-Dawg-Fishes?"

Yes, sweet boy.  Yes, we do.

Deepo's appearance helped us end the morning on just the right note,

and meeting up with the Kim and the girls at The Varsity only made the day better, even if Kim had her order taken by a very clean cut, very old, very white gentleman whose opening phrase was, "How can I help you today, ma'am?"  Not quite your typical Varsity experience.

But then again, we're not quite your typical family.

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