Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day has become such a sweet, simple time to celebrate our family and the love we share.  It's low-key, low-stress, and super fun. :)

We started the morning with our "table of love."  The kids came downstairs to find Valentine cards from Ben and me as well as a brand new t-shirt and their very favorite "special breakfast" of powdered donuts.  They're pretty easy to please. :)

Ben and I had a few special treats from each other as well.  I love that man. :)

After breakfast, we were all off and on our separate ways.  Hadley enjoyed a Valentine's snack at school along with a special time of "slow dancing,"  Emmy spent the day making valentine cards with Ms. Ginnell,  and Thatcher and me took lunch to Harris' teachers as a way to show them how much we appreciate the love they have for our sweet boy.  We even surprised Harris with some McDonald's chicken nuggets for lunch! Daddy spent the day at work.

After school, we spent some time checking out the big kids valentine cards before heading out to dinner at Dooley's.  After all, nothing screams, "I love you," like a big, fat pizza.

We came home from dinner, popped some heart-shaped cookies in the oven, and snuggled up to watch a little television before heading to bed.

I love these little hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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