Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Preparation.

Valentine's Day has been a big deal around these parts this year...and not in a negative, over-commercialized way, but more in a "we're so excited it's Valentine's Day and can't wait to celebrate with our friends" kind of way.  

Both big kids had to decorate a "mailbox" to hold their Valentine cards this year.  I pulled out construction paper and markers and scissors and glue and the old Valentine cards my mom saved from 1992 and Babe and Harry went to town.

Here are the finished products:  

We split up "Valentine card" night this year and I think it went exceptionally well.  Neither of the kids really needed my help with anything, but it was nice to take the time to sit down with each of them individually and go over their class lists.  Both Harris and Hadley were able to take their list, select their cards, and fill in the "to" and "from" spaces all on their own.  My job was to tape the Ring Pop to the actual card (Star Wars for Harris and Hello Kitty for Had).

There was absolutely no complaining this year, either.  The kids didn't seem to mind all the "writing" involved and both put forth their very best effort when it came to labeling the cards.  I was one super proud Mama (it doesn't take much, folks)!

We had to get a little creative with Emmy Doe.  Because she basically believes she's somewhere between 4 and 6 years old, she didn't quite understand why she couldn't get in on the Valentine action.

I let her get in on a little Ring Pop action, though, and that seemed to suffice.

Let the love flow...

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