Monday, February 4, 2013

The First Few Days...

We we left the hospital on Thursday and were discharged before lunch.  Ben and I loaded Thatcher up in Big Red (our van) and headed home to meet Granti.

With everyone else at school/Ms. Ginnell's, it was a fairly quiet afternoon.  Ben dropped me off at home and headed to Publix for lunch (sub sandwiches...I definitely miss eating cold deli meat while pregnant) and meds. :)  We enjoyed a peaceful lunch and then I passed out for an hour or so...but Ben and Granti had a great time entertaining (or being entertained) by Thatch Thatch. 

Mema got a little great-grandson loving, too, when she stopped by to stock our refrigerator with some of our favorite meals:  chicken and dumplings, roast, and banana pudding.  I love my Mema.  And her cooking.

Ben headed out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to purchase a "husband" pillow to make it easier for me to relax and nurse (I'd been complaining about leaving the hospital bed behind, but a Craftsmatic adjustable bed just wasn't in our budget...) and made it home just as Granti was leaving to pick everyone up from school.

The kids were STOKED to get home to us.  It was wonderful to see their smiling faces walk through the door.  Harris even wrote a story for Thatcher at school:

"I like my baby bruthr.  I like my mom.  He is cuming home tomoro.  I kant wat."

And Emmy enjoyed her new little brother much more at home than she did at the hospital. :)

Unfortunately, after spending the entire week with the older kids, Granti had to go to work on Friday.  She stayed with us through dinner and bedtime on Thursday and then headed home to get herself ready...and I managed not to cry as she drove away (only because she promised to return for the weekend!).

We made it through our first night as a family of six pretty uneventfully and even managed to get everyone up and out the door on time on Friday morning (props to my super awesome husband).  Ben and I spent Friday sleeping, relaxing, and loving on our new baby before we had to share him with his older siblings after school...

I love the way they love him!

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