Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Hanging Around...

Ben and I had a fabulous second week with our boy!  Ben was able to take off work for a full two weeks, giving us such great quality time adjusting to our little man.

With Harris and Hadley in school all day and the limitations placed on my body with the c-section, we decided to take Emmy to Ms. Ginnell's last week as well, leaving Ben, Thatcher, and me to make the most of our time during the school day.  I'd say we did a pretty great job.

We got up with the big kids each morning and made sure they got a great start to their day.  Then, we did whatever we desired until it was time to join the car rider line:  one day, after Ben returned from shuttling everyone around, we climbed back in bed and slept until 11:30!  We also spent time during the week making a trip to Wal-Mart, browsing the Verizon store and finally upgrading our phones, visiting with a few friends, and heading to a movie.  If you haven't seen "Argo," drop what you're doing and go!

I so enjoyed the time spent with my newest little guy and my favorite man on the planet.  I have to admit it's been a little boring around these parts with Ben back at work, but it's also given me a chance to get back into the swing of things and establish a little bit more of a routine.  We decided to keep Emmy at Ginnell's two days a week (both to give me a little break and to give her something different to do!) and so far, things seem to be working out nicely.

I really can't complain. :)

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