Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fourteen Months.


You are a hot mess.  And absolutely TONS of fun!

Your personality continues to blossom.  You are silly and have started to do just about anything for a laugh...put blankets over your head, act goofy in the bathtub, make eye contact with anyone who'll look your way at the dinner table and simply start to's hysterical.  Our pediatrician told us to watch out for you and your tendency, based on birth order, to be a little bit of a "class clown."  I think it's safe to say between her prediction and your family influences, we're not too far off the mark.

You love playing with your siblings.  Now that we're home, you are so sweet to Thatcher.  If he makes a noise, you're crawling over to him as quickly as you can to check him out.  We're still working on the concept of "gentle," but you love to hug and kiss him and truly have the best of intentions when attempting to give him his paci or put socks on his feet.  Even though you love your baby brother, you still prefer to play with Babe and Harry.  Your squeals, combined with theirs, make me smile on a daily basis.  You love to play "chase," "peek-a-boo" (you've got the "boo" downpat!), color (this is an absolute favorite of yours), and read books.  

You're still wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  You eat anything and everything we put in front of you and always want whatever you see others eating.  You love to sing songs ("Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Ride Your Pony," and "The Alphabet" are favorites) and will often sing things on your own (in your own little language).  We always know when you're finished because you clap excitedly and loudly proclaim, "Yay!!"  Speaking of your own language, you talk ALL THE TIME.  We just have no idea what you're saying.  You will jabber a mile a minute and use hand gestures the entire time.  It's fairly obvious you've got something important to say!  You love to pretend to talk on the phone, too.  I have a feeling you might have your Dad's personality.

You've taken 8-10 steps a handful of times, but still prefer crawling and/or cruising as your primary modes of transportation.  You will walk long distances holding onto someone's hand or while going behind your push toy, though.  The big kids love to "help" you walk.  You still have 8 teeth, have completely given up the paci, and love the bath.  You also love to swing and I'm trying to do better about getting us outside when the weather allows.

You're into everything: every cabinet, every drawer, every trash can.  You are curious and love to explore.  You're still a phenomenal sleeper at night (down around 7:00 pm and up around 8:00 am) and take a solid two-hour nap every afternoon.  You know a dog says, "ruff, ruff," love to wave "bye, bye," and give the best kisses.  

You are such a joy!  I love you like crazy, Doe Doe!

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