Sunday, September 2, 2012


Harris' elementary school hosted a fun night out at the Gwinnet Braves game last week.  The kids have really been getting into sports and sporting events lately, so of course they jumped at the chance to go to a baseball game.

And not only did we get to actually enjoy the game, but Harry and Babe also got to take their turn walking around the field!  The Braves ended up playing a double header that night thanks to earlier weather, so in between games the kiddos got to represent Harris' school.

I'm positive Hadley thought the entire parade was just for her.  The girl digs attention.  She ran and waved and high-fived and smiled and was most likely pretending she was the Braves Queen or something else along those lines...

Harris just soaked up time with his friends.  We ended up sitting by a little girl who rides his bus and they pretty much played together the whole evening.  He also got in a little crotch-grabbing while on the field...

That's Kindergarten at its finest, folks.

Emmy Doe simply hung around with Ben for the majority of the game.

After the parade, we finished up our ballpark dinner and headed for home. 

Not a conventional way to kick off the start of college football season, but a not bad one, either...

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