Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nine Months.


It's hard to believe you're nine months old today.  Seriously.  Three quarters of the way to a whole year...while I don't really remember what your little newborn body felt like in my arms, I do remember the way holding you those first few days made my heart feel, and that's pretty awesome.

It seems as if this has been a big month for you.  In the whole scheme of things, I'm not really sure that it has...but it definitely feels that way. 

The biggest change this month has happened in just the last've become a crawler.  I have to laugh at myself sometimes...we only thought you were mobile with all that rolling.  Crawling has given you an entire new house to explore.  You're still not super fast, but you're getting better and better every day and have started to venture out of your typical "rooms."  Babe and Harry almost had a heart attack the first time you "escaped" from the playroom!  And now that you've discovered how to get from your corner of the living room all the way into the kitchen, there's no stopping you.

It's time for sweeping to become a daily habit around these parts.

You've also learned to clap this month and will do so whenever we say "yay!"  I'm pretty sure you learned how to clap from Ms. Ginnell, because Daddy and me sure didn't teach you.  In fact, you basically just started clapping one afternoon while we were playing around and that was pretty much that.  Your grin just opens up when you can tell you're making us smile and act goofy.  It's great.

Your table food diet has continued to expand.  You're still chowing down on a jar of baby food mixed with cereal at each meal time (although often for breakfast we'll give you yogurt) and we often couple that with pieces of anything we can find:  banana is still a favorite (as are puffs!), but we've added ground beef, blueberry pieces, french fries...whatever we can find, we pass your way.  Harris is terrified you're going to choke (you did have a little gagging spell once with some ground beef), but for the most part you're doing really well.

You've learned to say "da da" and will even look at Daddy when I ask you where he is, but I'm not sure you've associated the term with the actual person yet.  I heard a "ma" sound come out of your mouth tonight, so I'm fairly certain you'll be babbling my name within the next few days. 

You're still rocking a great schedule.  You're up for the day around 7:00 and are hanging on to a quick 30-45 minute catnap in the mornings.  Your big nap is typically from 1:00-3:00, with not much more sleep happening until we put you down for the evenings around 7:00.  Every once in a while, if we're in the car in the evening, you'll grab 10 or 15 minutes of shut eye, but if we're at're full throttle playing.  You drink about 16 oz. of formula a day, usually in the form of a 6 oz. bottle in the morning and right before bed and two additional 4 oz. bottles throughout the day.

Daddy's in charge of getting you up, dressed, fed, and to Ms. Ginnell's in the morning.  I know he LOVES your "bonding" time.  Your favorite toy these days is your Playskool Doll House.  You love to play with the figurines as well as with the actual house and also spend a good deal of time trying to figure your way into Hadley's doll house as well.  I'm about to go on a serious get-the-big-kid-toys-out-of-your-reach mission.  I'm not really looking forward to it.

You've started to cry when we leave the room lately and when you're in the nursery at church or the gym, you work really, really hard to be held the entire time.  I don't blame you,'s good to be held every now and then.  :)

You continue to be full of personality, have quite the stubborn streak, and can still light up the room with that huge, gummy grin of yours.

We love you, Doe Doe.  Lots.

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