Monday, September 3, 2012

Gooooo Dawgs!

Even after Saturday's unbelievably hot game, I am beyond excited for football season.  Babe and Harry have both reached an age where they enjoy the whole experience of a game:  tailgating, cheering, understanding the basic rules of football, and anticipating upcoming Saturdays.  While it's a whole lot different than cheering for the Dawgs in college, I don't think I'd trade games with the kids for anything.  My attitude on that has certainly changed over the last couple of years...

We left for Athens bright and early on Saturday morning.  Poor Emmy Doe wasn't too happy at being left behind.  She and Auntie had fun together, though!

Because there was an early kickoff, we spent our tailgating time enjoying a breakfast of steak and eggs, bacon bites, blueberry bagels, and buffalo chicken dip.  The kids had a great time playing with the new tackling dummy, throwing the football, using sticks as light sabers (at one point Babe told me that Walker was her "master"), and going on a "nature walk."  Our tailgating spot is perfect for kids:  we've got a huge, enclosed, shady grassy area...a good time is had by all!  And yes, until Emmy Doe is potty trained, Babe does a great job holding her own as the only girl. :)

The walk to the game was HOT.  And it was only the beginning.  We stopped in the Lettermans' Club to hit up the bathroom and grab some water before heading into the stadium.  Our seats were actually moved further down this year, so we ended up a lot closer to the field.

It was great!  The kids were so much more involved in the game then they've ever been!  We could hear the cheerleaders, keep our eye on Hairy Dawg, and watch UGA score touchdown after touchdown from a great vantage point.  We even had a great view of the band at halftime and Hadley has decided that her new ambition in life is to be an endzone dancer for the Redcoats.  She's got some great moves.

Of course, we stuck it out for the entire game (thanks to lots of water and a Coke or two) and made it back to the van drenched in sweat.  I honestly thought I might hear a few complaints from the kiddos, and while they were exhausted, they both climbed in their seats already excited about the next home game.

I'm falling even more in love with football season.  Go Dawgs!

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