Monday, September 3, 2012

This Girl's Imagination.

We spent a little time at Granti's yesterday and Babe ended up coming home with this "Cinderella" dress.  (I'm guessing she's choosing to ignore the Camelot/pirate girl vest attached at the top).  She was beyond excited to put it on, fix her hair, and put on a "singing and dancing" show for us.  She even wore it to church last night and said, "I can't wait for Walker to see this dress."  She's a mess.

She's also got a phenomenal imagination.  She often pretends like she is any of these things on any given day:  Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Hot Lava Girl, a baby monkey/puppy/some other animal named Layla, a mother to a nine-month-old daughter named Harris, a ballerina, a Queen, a Star Wars Princess, a regular princess, Tiana, Ariel, Ms. Audra from name it, this girl can imagine herself being it.

And she goes all in. 

What fun it is to sit back and watch her play (as long as she doesn't know I'm watching!).

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