Saturday, August 4, 2012

They're All Getting So Big...

We met Harry's Kindergarten teacher this week.  I like her. :)

We sorted his supplies, turned in the "homework" he'd received in the mail, picked up some info on PTA, and watched him make a craft in his classroom. 

He's pumped.  I am, too, and I know he's ready...but pregnancy hormones and preparing to send my sweet, innocent, precious firstborn to elementary school are a lethal combination.

We celebrated on Thursday night (because we were too tired to make dinner) by heading to Luigi's.  Emmy Doe sat for the first time in a big girl high chair.  Seriously...she's getting so big.  She's at my very favorite baby stage though-where she can sit but not move. I'm eating her up!

Our family was blessed on Thursday night when some complete strangers paid for our meal.  Ben was wearing his gun and badge (again, too tired to even change clothes) and an elderly couple in the restaurant wanted to thank our family for his service.  Kindness is such a beautiful thing!  I can't wait to pass it on...

On Friday morning, we took Hadley to meet her Pre-K teacher.  That girl doesn't have a shy bone in her body.

She hugged her teacher, initiated conversations with the new friends in her room, found three "Horties" in the animal bucket, and picked up a small cutting board in the kitchen center and said, "Look at this big ol' spanking spoon!"

I'm so excited to watch her grow and develop this year.  She's going to be a handful. :)

Both Babe and Harry picked to attend their Open Houses without their siblings in tow.  Ben and I treated each of them to McDonald's before heading to their respective schools and really enjoyed the time with them as individuals.

I can't wait to see what this school year brings!

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