Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pinata Party.

This year, instead of our typical "out-to-eat to celebrate the start of school" outing, we opted to stay close to home.

Granti, Auntie, and DB were able to join us for dinner (McDonald's chicken' choice!) and then stick around for the highlight of the evening...the back-to-school pinata!!!!

We filled that bad boy with the kids' favorite candies (jolly ranchers, tootsie rolls, and dum dums) and let them go town in the front yard.

They had a blast!  It was so funny to watch them scamper for candy once the pinata broke...I think they forgot it was just the two of them...

And the best part is that McDonald's and a Wal-Mart pinata ended up being way cheaper and much more fun than any restaurant could have been!

We finished the evening by heading to the backyard to give Harry a haircut and play in the water hose for a little while before heading to bed.  I managed to take some really great pictures of Ben and the kids playing in the water, but unfortunately can't post them.  After haircuts, we always let the kids strip off their clothes and run around the backyard butt naked.  It's pretty redneck.  And pretty awesome, too.  Especially when Ben wets the slide and lets the kids fly down it...always makes us laugh!

After baths, Bible stories, and bedtime prayers, these guys were wiped out and ready for bed!  I still can't believe they're old enough for school...

Oh, my heart.

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