Saturday, August 11, 2012

The First Day of School.

What an exciting day for our entire family! 

Snacks were packed the evening before.  Outfits were selected as well.  We were ready to rock and roll on Monday morning!

These two.  Seriously.

And here's a pic of all three right before we headed out the door...I'm pretty sure Babe was over pictures by this point. :)

We rode together (the kids and I in Big Red, with Daddy following) to drop Emmy off at Ms. Ginnell's and then headed to Primrose for Babe's big day.  I don't even think it dawned on her to be nervous.

 Ben said when he picked her up, all anybody could comment on was the amount of words that came out of her mouth.  My sweet girl is right at home in Pre-K.

After leaving Babe in good hands at Primrose, we headed to Twin Rivers to get ready for Harris to catch the bus.  He got a little nervous (clingy) when he saw the good-sized group of kids at the bus stop, but once that bus pulled up to school, there was no looking back.

They love it.  Both of them.  To say I'm thankful would be an understatement.

What I wouldn't give to watch their every move...

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