Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nights of Lights.

It's incredibly hard to believe, but the kids are even more crazy about Christmas lights than they have been in years past.  They absolutely love driving through our neighborhood and checking out all the "awesome, cool" (Harris) and "beautiful, pretty, and colorful" (Hadley) lights.  We decided to captialize on their love of lights (and of our time before Emmy) by taking a family trip out to Lake Lanier to check out their display.

We couldn't have picked a better night.  The crowd was extremely low, the weather was wonderfully mild, and Christmas spirit was all over the place!  We admired all the lights before stopping at Santa's village, where Harry and Babe checked out the ornaments (and stuffed animals) and even climbed up in the Big Man's lap to share their wish lists with him.  Harris asked for Beyblades and Hadley requested a unicorn, an elephant, and a big, big horse.  As long as Babe realizes that actual live animals are out of the question, I'm pretty sure Santa will be able to handle their wishes.

Both kids chose to ride the ponies and the train at the Winter Carnival.  Ponies/horses have become one of Hadley's absolute favorite things to play/talk about/look at/etc, and Harry actually agrees with her when it comes to riding them.

We headed home tired and happy.  I can't think of a more perfect way to welcome in the month of December.

I can't say it enough:  I LOVE these guys!!!

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