Saturday, December 31, 2011

Daddy's Office.

Harris and Hadley were beyond excited to take Emmy to visit Ben at work for "her very first time!"

Harris kept telling Emmy (over and over and over) in his sweet baby-talk voice that we were going to visit "Da Da's work" and that she should get excited!  She pretty much slept through the whole visit.  Except for the part where she pooped all over herself, her clothes, and me.

Oh, well.

We visited lots of Ben's co-workers, had lunch at Los Hermanos, and grabbed a couple of "Lilburn Police" caps as souvenirs.

Once Harris learned that the yellow lettering belonged to the Captain, he quickly manipulated his way into getting Babe to trade caps with him.  He then insisted on playing "Captain and Officer" the entire way home.  Just so he could boss her around.

There's no doubt he's my kid.

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