Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve.

We started the Christmas Eve celebration in Conyers, hanging out with Pop, his siblings, and their families.

Auntie, DB, Tyler, and Cody took the kids on a little "rock climbing" expedition in Aunt Connie's backyard.  It turned out to be the highlight of their day!

Upon their return, we chowed down and then opened some gifts!

We don't get out to Conyers much (which is sad because it's really not that far from us), but we always have fun every time we go.  I'm especially thankful that Emmy got to experience the festivities this year!!!

I tried to get a few family shots.  They didn't really work out as well as I had hoped.

I'm cool with that, though.  We were together and we had a great time, regardless of whether or not we got a great picture.

We finished the day by taking the big kids over to see their grandparents and then worshiping as a family with "Randolph, the Red-Toed Reindeer" at Church of The Way.

As part of our evening routine, we set out cookies, milk, and a Diet Coke for Santa and then snuggled in the bed while Daddy read the Christmas story from the Bible and Emmy grabbed herself a little night time snack.

Harris opted not to sleep with Babe, even though we gave them the option, because she's a "snore-er."

He was out like a light.  She, not so much. 

And then, it was Christmas.

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