Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glory, Glory.

Holy smokes!  Time is flying.  I guess it's easy to see that blogging is taking a backseat to sleeping these days...but hang on tight because I'm going to try to get caught up this week!

We've had a lot of exciting things going on these last few weeks, but one of the highlights by far has been introducing Hadley to Game Day in Athens.

We headed up to the UGA vs. Coastal Carolina game back in the middle of September.  Harris, as always, was super stoked and Babe was pretty excited, too.  She couldn't wait to put on her "black G-Dawgs dress!" 

Biggie Chase and Laura spent the night with us on Friday night, so we all got up bright and early Saturday morning to put the finishing touches on our tailgate provisions before making the trek up 316.  We spent the morning hanging out with these crazy fools,

and even though Hadley was the only girl around, she had a fantastic time "teaching" all of us her Spanish skills.  The girl can hold her own.

Babe lucked out and was able to hitch a ride on Ben's shoulders all the way to the stadium, and once inside, she ate up every inch of the atmosphere.  My sweet girl yelled along with all the cheers, LOVED watching Hairy Dawg run the flag across the endzone, and ate up some cotton candy (as did her brother).

Because it was Lettermen's Day, we got to head onto the field at halftime. 

The kids high-fived Hairy Dawg and thorougly enjoyed running like crazy through the endzone.  Tackling Daddy was a halftime highlight, too.

When the players re-entered the field, Babe made sure to tell me that she was going to "touch everyone's hand."  She came pretty close. :)

Not too shabby for a first game.  (Harry's first game was Lettermen's Day last season.  I might see the beginning of yet another family tradition.)

We ended the day with a quick snack in The Lettermen's Club before heading back to the truck.  Harris scored a picture with his jersey namesake, and both kids indulged in cookies and popcorn as an after-game treat.

As I type this, I realize that they might be slightly spoiled.  But, in our defense, at least we're raising them right. 

Go Dawgs!!

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