Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fair-y, Fair-y Fair!

To say we had a blast at the fair last Thursday night would be understatement.  Harris and Hadley were absolutely beside themselves with excitement, and their giddiness was contagious.  In fact, after seeing their reaction to the fair, Ben and me are even more stoked about our upcoming trip to Disney.  I know I say this every month, but this stage, the one we're in right now, is my very, very favorite.  Five and three is so much fun!

Hadley spotted the "Horties" from the parking lot, so as soon as we made it through the gate and got our hand stamps, we headed straight to those crazy elephants.

Because I've got a sweet little baby in my belly, Ben got to ride quite a few things this year.  I most enjoyed watching him on the swings and in the House of Mirrors.  I love that man.

Harry and Babe sprinted from ride to ride to ride to ride.  They rode just about everything in the kiddie section, entered every fun house on the property, and topped it all off with a trip on the ferris wheel.

Granti, Auntie, DB, CoCo, and Sam were able to spend the evening with us as well.  Sammy had a great time on the carousel.

And, of course, no trip to the fair is complete without a stop at the 4H Petting Zoo. 

Harris and Hadley both have HUGE hearts for animals. 

The highlight of the evening, however, was the "Dora" ride.  It was the very last thing the kids climbed on before we headed home, and they ended up riding three times in a row.  It was absolutely hysterical!

We could hear them laughing and jokingly screaming from the ground...what fun it was to watch them enjoying themselves!!!  I'm so proud of the confidence they have found lately.  Confidence and manners are the two things that make me smile most when I see them displayed in my offspring.

We shared a funnel cake and some cotton candy for our fair treat, and Babe thanked Jesus for letting us go to the fair during our bedtime prayers.


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  1. CUTE!!! I bet it was fun this year w/ their ages :-)

    We're going to take Rhyan on Monday... will she be able to ride stuff, being only 2.5?