Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ben and I headed up to Nashville this past weekend to watch the Dawgs whip up (well, at least pull out a win) against Vanderbilt.

We had a fantastic time, and were able to swing through Chattanooga on the way back home for a lovely baby shower given by some of Ben's friends and family.

It's become quite obvious that this is Baby #3.  In addition to the picture above, I managed to get two other shots with my camera.  Which means three pictures total.  I'm a shoe-in already for Mom of the Year.

And the shower was gorgeous.  The weather was beautiful, and we spent the afternoon enjoying lunch outside with old friends and family.  Old to Ben, that is.  They're all still pretty much new to me. :)

I did manage to get this picture of the gift table before everything was loaded into the van.  I've been to many kids' birthday parties where the presents stayed wrapped throughout the duration of the party, but this was my first shower experience where nothing was unwrapped.

We had a great time bringing everything home and opening it all with Harris and Hadley, though.  They're really getting into the whole older sibling thing. 

We're so blessed to be off to a good start with all the things Baby Emmy will need.  I still kick myself often for selling and/or giving away every single bit of my baby things.  I had no idea what God had in store for my life at the time...

Mostly I just look back and smile.

The third and final picture I took at the shower is this one of Ben's sister, Dolores, and me.  I guess DoDo is going to be getting a whole lot of baby book love.

She won't mind.

How fun it is to celebrate Emmy!  Seven weeks and counting...

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