Monday, May 2, 2011


Seven o'clock came bright and early Easter morning.  Thankfully, our sweet Harris follows "bedtime" directions very well and never leaves his room before the set time.  He's our little alarm clock,'s extremely rare that he ever sleeps past the appointed time, so it didn't surprise us one bit to hear his little feet hit the ground running as soon as the clock changed.

He was especially excited because, on his way to our room, he snuck a peek down the stairs and was able to see that not only had the Easter bunny eaten most of his carrots, but he'd also filled the baskets with what looked like some pretty exciting stuff.

We let Harry wake Babe up and headed down the stairs as a family.  I think we've reached prime holiday age around here.  Both kiddos were super stoked, there were no tears, and even though Ben and I were beat, it was a great, great morning.

Harris informed us (the day before Easter) that he was most excited about finding a chocolate bunny in his basket.  Harry evidently had big plans about eating the ears off of the chocolate bunny, which is exactly what he did.  In fact, he ended up receiving more than one chocolate bunny, and he managed to bite the ears off of all of them, leaving the large chocolate bodies still laying around.

After digging through the baskets, we all got ready for an AMAZING day at church.  The worship was phenomenal, the message was awesome, the food was delicious, and the pictures with the Easter bunny and childrens' egg hunt only made things better.  Pop, Granti, Auntie, DB, CoCo, Mo, Raven, and SamSam even got in on the fun!

After the egg hunt, we packed up our goodies and headed over to Lil' Ben's house for more candy!!  The kids totally racked up on Easter gifts this year, and Ben and I stuffed our faces, napped for a little bit, caught up with family, and watched The Sound of Music while Harry and Babe played non-stop with anyone who acknowledged them (which was pretty much everyone!).

I literally collapsed into bed on Sunday night, grateful most of all for the sacrifice made by my Savior and the power of God displayed in raising Him from the dead, but also counting the unbelievable blessings bestowed on me on a daily basis here on earth.

Mercy and grace and love and forgiveness and power and redemption truly belong to God.  I'm living proof of all that and much, much more.

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  1. It is so nice to see someone else's Easter Bunny bring candy! Ours was stuffed full while all my friends had only toys! I though Easter baskets were all about the candy!! Eli promptly ate the ears off his bunny as well!