Saturday, May 28, 2011


We headed up to Chattanooga last Saturday with the Boozers for our annual ride on Thomas, that cheeky little engine from the Island of Sodor.

Even though Harris is finally starting to grow out of his Thomas phase, the kids still had a fantastic time seeing all the exhibits, listening to Thomas stories, and taking a spin on the train.

Haddie A. loved rocking her Rosie tattoo,

and Harris figured out a way to "feed" the animals at the petting zoo even though we didn't buy him any actual animal feed.  The kid found a discarded plastic cup and a bucket of water and went to work hydrating the goats.

Catherine attempted a family photo for us, but Ben was so worried about making sure the trains could be seen that we ended up looking more separate than together.  I guess he's more into Percy than he lets on.

My favorite part of the day, other than the actual train ride, was the Thomas story and movie time.  Not so much for the actual story and movie as for the air conditioning, but it was my favorite just the same.

Although this face ranked pretty high up there, too:

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