Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Eve.

We really couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend.  We filled that bad boy up with food, family, friends, eggs, candy, naps, movies, and Jesus.  It was pretty much perfect.

While we spent Good Friday apart (Ben worked Passion's Good Friday service and the kids and I headed to ReCharge at The Way), Saturday morning brought us all back together bright and early for our pre-tball Waffle House breakfast.  After filling up on eggs, waffles, bacon, hashbrowns, toast, and grits (it's the All-Star Breakfast all the way, baby), we headed out to the ball park to watch the kids play a  double header!

We had some very special fans this week:  Granti, Auntie, Double Ben, CoCo, and Baby Sam all came out to cheer for the Dodgers. 

Auntie brought a sign, of course, and sweet little Harris checked every two seconds to make sure she was holding it "high in the air."   

That's my "words of affirmation" boy. :)

After t-ball, Ben, Harris, Hadley, and I headed home to decorate our eggs. 

The kids did a great job with their eggs this year.  The process didn't last long at all, but they were interested and engaged the entire time.  I'll take that any day.

We finished up just in time for the rest of the family to return for the Donaldson Family Easter celebration.  Both Auntie and Granti brought Easter gifts, and the kids could not have been more excited.  Granti gave Harry and Babe super cute bath towels, and Auntie simply sugared them up.

They loved it.

In addition to candy, we also shared our annual "bring whatever dish you want to the Easter lunch" meal.  This year's menu consisted of ham, rolls, asian slaw, sweet potatoes, cake, and buffalo chicken dip.

Cassidy finally got the recipe right.

We parted ways just in time for nap.  Poor Ben couldn't even make it upstairs before collapsing.

We finished off the evening with our first family movie outing.  Ben and I had a great time spending an entire paycheck taking the kids to see "Rio."  Seriously, taking a family of four to the movies is expensive!  It was tons of fun, though, and even Harry, who took a little convincing to make the trip, ended up really enjoying himself.  Perhaps a trip to the movies might become a new part of our Easter tradition.

I'm all about tradition, you know.

I also love me some Easter.  The kids put their baskets by the front door, left carrots and water for the Easter bunny, and listened to the Easter story before heading to bed Saturday night. 

Sunday morning sure did come around quickly...

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