Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halfway to Seventy.

I'm slightly behind. 

Last Saturday, April 9, was Ben's birthday. 

My incredible husband turned 35, and we had a blast celebrating his special day.

Harris was so excited to be involved in the planning of the celebration.  He was very specific about the type of cake we purchased, the kinds of gifts we gave, and the birthday balloons we picked out.

A couple of weeks before the big day, while driving to school one morning, Harry informed me that he knew exactly what he wanted to get Daddy for his birthday.  With absolutely no prompting whatsoever, he came up with the idea that Ben would "serious like" some "smell good" candles, so we went with it...

And three red "smell good" candles later, both my boys were all smiles.

Ben had the opportunity to open his gifts first thing Saturday morning, just before we headed over to celebrate baby Brooks' first birthday.  We spent the morning hanging with friends before heading to Sam's and then home for a nap.

The real party got started Saturday evening with the arrival of our friends, family, and brand-new (to us) bouncy.

We went in with a few other families and bought ourselves a moonwalk off of Craig's List.  How exciting it was to be able to break that bad boy in at Ben's party!!!

Especially since it's already paid for itself. :)

We grilled hamurgers and hot dogs, indulged in macaroni and cheese and chips, and topped everything off with a double doozie cookie cake, decorated in none other than red and black (per Harris' instructions).

Sweet Sam wore himself out early, but the rest of us partied well into the night (9:00!).

I can't wait to see what this next year of life has in store for Ben (other than an AARP membership).

Happy, happy birthday, Daddy.  I still love you, even if you are an old man.

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