Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Circus.


About a week ago, we made our annual trip to the circus with the Lockharts.  The Big Apple production didn't make it back to town this year, but Ringling Brothers brought their show right up the street, so we headed on over.

Highlights of the pre-show included Harris sitting on a performer's motorcycle and watching Kelly Ann, the elephant, paint.

Hadley was, of course, mesmerized by anything remotely elephant related.  I'm pretty sure she would have been content to simply stroke the stuffed animals in the lobby.

When asked about her favorite part of the show, however, she was quick to respond with "the justice song," which is better known to the rest of the population as The Star Spangled Banner.  She also enjoyed the "jumpy jumpy" (trampoline act), her circus hat, and the cotton candy and popcorn .

Harris liked the elephants and tigers, the clowns, and the concessions.

Kim liked the midget clown. :)

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