Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started...

Babe's birthday is this weekend.  Sunday, to be exact.  Because Tyler made a surprise appearance at the beginning of the week, however, we decided to go ahead and celebrate with our family on Monday none other than Johnny's, of course.  Cassidy was working, so it was the only way for the whole fam to be together.  She was thrilled.

She should have been, because I brought this beauty to share:

Babe loved it, and that's all that matters.

We ate pizza, opened gifts, and had cake.

Mema brought Hadley some art supplies and the cutest little fork and spoon that actually have human bodies.  Granti and the aunts and uncles gave Babe a couple of books, and Ben and I got her the bluray of "Bambi."

Harris picked out his own gift for Babe:  a jack russell terrier toy that whines and pretends to eat a bone.  While Hadley has enjoyed "walking" the dog, it turns out that Harris had himself in mind while selecting the gift.  He's been all about that dog this week.

Hadley's favorite present, though, was the Strawberry Shortcake toy she found in the bag from Mema.  It's' the same toy Hadley left at Mema's house last month, but Babe doesn't seem to remember.  Strawberry Shortcake is the best thing ever.

Thanks, Mema, for not throwing her away.

After all the singing and gifts and celebrating, while we were all enjoying our cake and our own conversations, Babe looked up from the head of the table and said, "Hey, guys...happy birthday."

What a perfect addition she is to our family.  I love that girl.

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