Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's funny how, before she was born, I couldn't imagine what life would be like once she was here.  Now, I can't remember how I ever lived without her.

She is silly and stubborn, demands that things be her way or no way, enjoys being the center of attention every once in a while, likes to pretend like she's "the teacher," still sleeps with her "Hortie" elephant, and began peeing in the potty (with no accidents!) back around Valentine's Day.  She is busy learning Georgia fight songs and old school stuff from the hymnal in Ben's head, knows what sounds all the letters make, and has a crazy sweet tooth like her Mama.  She loves her baby cousin Samuel (except for when he's in my lap) and her big brother Harris, wants to sit in someone's lap whenever we eat at a restaurant, and is an excellent hugger.  Every night, as we leave her room, she tells us she loves us "all the way to the clouds."  Her favorite radio station is "the new ninety-seven one the river," and cowgirl boots might be her favorite accessory.  "Yo Gabba Gabba" is probably her favorite television show, and she recently learned how to "move it like Bernie."  She has a phenomenal imagination and frequently pretends like she's a "mommy" or a tea party host and is making a trip to The North Pole or Build-a-Bear.  She sleeps soundly, sweats like me, and has the eyes and the dimples to get whatever she wants in life.  And she knows it.

She'll be three on Sunday.

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