Thursday, March 24, 2011

Homegirl Got a Haircut.

Ben gave it to her all by himself!  Babe absolutely loved having it cut, but she hasn't been too happy with the end result.  In fact, the morning after, she cried and cried because she "does not like short hair."  Who knew?!?!?!

Every time someone said, "Babe, I love your haircut," she would reply with, "I do not like it."  Pretty plain and simple.  Thankfully, Ms. Ginnell was able to reason with Hadley and remind her that her hair would start to grow back very soon.

The morning after that conversation, Babe popped out of bed and said, "My hair is growing back!"  Ah, the little things in life.

Of course, her loss of hair did not result in a loss of attitude.

God, shape her stubborness for great use for Your Kingdom.

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  1. oh, the wonderful things she'll do for Him...she's precious