Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, Take Two...

...started off with a little Harris vs. Hadley championship wrestling.  Along with reading books, this has been the kids' favorite pasttime since we've been cooped up at home.

Well, wrestling and watching the new "Strawberry Shortcake" movie we found on Netflix.  They've both been really into that as well.

Because Ben was able to be home from work, we suited up after breakfast and headed out for a second day in the snow.  Babe was still not a fan.

Harris, however, was stoked to try out sledding down the street in the laundry basket.

Thankfully our neighbor took pity on our redneck souls and brought out his real deal sled.  Ben, Harris, and I (and another family on our street) rocked it out for about an hour.

Harris loved it!  And Haddie even warmed up to watching from the porch.

She and I spent some time playing with her bubbles from DoDo, and she even got brave enough to touch the snow with her mittens and her boots.  She quickly discovered how much she, too, likes to eat the white stuff.  She also talked about the North Pole all day long...

Toward the end of our time outside, we took a few family pictures.  We gave the camera to Harris so he could snap a shot of Ben and me.  Harry then proceeded to capture the snow fight Ben tried to start with me.  These shots make me laugh out loud...

Contrary to what it looks like, I kicked his butt.

Happy Snow Day!

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