Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Weekend.

We pretty much partied hearty all weekend long.

Even though I forgot to pull my camera out at Cadence's party on Friday night, the kids (and adults) had a blast getting our groove on at Monkey Joe's.

We had just enough time to recoup from all the jumping before turning around and heading out to celebrate Dax at the local children's museum on Saturday afternoon.  And I did, in fact, remember my camera.

And don't worry:  this place has already earned a spot on the 2011 Summer O' Fun Tour.

It took Babe just a little bit to venture out from the toddler play area, but once she did, she couldn't be stopped.  The "bath tub" area, sand table, and soundstage were some of her favorite hangouts.

The Thomas costume stayed on her body for the duration of the party.  She's all about the accessories.

Harris, as expected, spent the majority of his time at the train table.

He stopped playing only to use the bathroom, eat cake, and dress up like a cow.

In case you can't tell, we had a great time.

Happy Birthdays, Cadence and Dax!!

And Happy Anniversary (evidently it coincides with Dax's big day), Ben and Randall!!

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