Saturday, January 15, 2011


After a week of ice, snow, and sticking close to the house, Kim and I let the kids blow off a little steam at Monkey Joe's on Friday.  They had a blast.

Hadley and I went down the big slides quite a few times (note to self:  yoga pants=super slick sliding material), but for the most part she entertained herself in the area reserved for little kids.  I'm certain she jumped for at least an hour, exiting only to give Monkey Joe a hug. 

She climed up and slid down the little slide repeatedly, threw her body as high into the air as it would possibly go, and attempted multiple toetouches.  She was pretty much oblivious to anyone else around her...

I was excited (and content) to see her play and jump and jump and play.  While she's technically on track with her developmental milestones, every once in a while I can tell that she is not as physcially strong as other kids her age.  It made my heart happy to see her jumping her little bootie off...seems like good physical therapy to me.

Harris and Quinn had a great time, too.  They were pretty much inseparable until Harris discovered a friend from school...

It's hard to believe these guys will be FIVE this year...what a wild, wild ride it's been.

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