Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friends and Family.

In additon to all of the laughing/playing/sleeping/football watching/eating/relaxing/cleaning we've done over the last couple of weeks, I've really, really enjoyed the time we've been able to spend with various friends and family members during our break.  I'm quite certain we've had lunch and/or dinner with a different set of special folks every day for the last week, and it's been absolutely awesome!

On Wednesday of last week, we headed up to Athens to spend the evening with Mema, Rosie, Mary Katherine, Daniel, and Jack.  In case it isn't obvious, the kiddos had a blast.

The adults had a blast, too...we chowed down on Chicken Express and laughed until we cried over all kinds of family stories. 

For example:  Mema shared with us that she picked up a new t-shirt at Goodwill for my cousin who is a theater/drama major at USC (the real one).  It read:  "remember my name, you'll be screaming it later."  Which, in case you're wondering, is a completely appropriate gift from your grandmother if you are a theater major because of course you'll want people to remember your name and scream it later when you are famous.  Because of course that's what the saying means.

I seriously love my family.

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