Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Three Months.

Wow.  Time flies.

And you're really starting to chunk up. :)

I don't know how much you weigh, or how long you are, and I haven't even taken the time to attempt to weigh you on my own scale, but I am falling in love with your sweet little thigh rolls!  Those bad boys are finally getting thick and are absolutely adorable.

You've developed a great routine this month:  wake up and nurse around 7:00, feedings again around 10:30, 2:00, 5:30, and then a final feeding and down for the night around 8:30.  It's fantastic!  Every once in a while we have to get up in the middle of the night and get that pacifier back in your mouth, but for the most part I can't complain.  We swaddle you every night, but you're a master at escaping.  It doesn't seem to bother you, though, so I'm not too worried about love having your hands close to your face and have even started sucking your fists and fingers every chance you get.  And I NEVER, EVER find you in your crib in the same position I left you!  You are all over the place:  scooting up and down the length of the mattress, rotating your body clockwise and counterclockwise; I always lay you down horizontally and often find you vertical in the bed.  You're a busy little girl. :)

You've moved up to size 2 diapers and are just about too big for three-month-sized clothes.  You've gotten strong and can hold your head up well; the Bumbo seat has become a favorite of yours.  You're doing great at tummy time (although it's not your favorite) and continue to smile and cackle and coo whenever anyone talks to you.  You've also become a fan of hanging out in the Baby Bjorn.  Daddy wore you to the circus (facing forward) and I took you on a walk with the big kids around the neighborhood, and you're a huge fan of looking around and checking out your surroundings.  Makes me smile.

We still call you Big Nut.  I think it's going to stick, although every once in a while Hadley will break out with a "Biggie."

This past month--my last one on maternity leave--has been so much fun.  I will always treasure our time together...

I love you, sweet girl.

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