Monday, March 12, 2012

Back-to-Work Celebration Lunch.

If you haven't figured it out by now, we pretty much take any opportunity we can to celebrate.  Mostly with food.  And my return to work from maternity leave was no exception.

I chose Mellow Mushroom for my big lunch last Sunday.  It didn't disappoint.

I had a fabulous three month leave and enjoyed the extra time I had to spend with Emmy, watch The Ellen Show, and play on Pinterest immensely.  I loved the laid back afternoons with the big kids and cooking dinner and having lunch dates with Ben.  I liked sleeping in (relatively speaking) and heading to the mall or the gym and not having to worry about taking time off work to attend the celebrations at Harry's school.  It was most definitely time well spent.

And while I'll miss all the extra time I found being at home, I can't deny that I was ready to return to work.

I'm just better when I'm busy.  It's how I'm wired.  Don't get me wrong...I'll be counting down the days until Spring Break and then until the summer.  And I LOVE spending time with my kiddos.  Like crazy.  But I'm also lucky enough to really, really like my job, and to really, really like the people there.

And I'm blessed beyond belief with a childcare provider who has been a part of my family since she started keeping Harris way back when he was three months old.

And believe me, it takes a special person to take care of this:

Here goes nothing!

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