Monday, March 12, 2012

Return to Work.

We survived!!

Emmy spent her very first day with Ms. Ginnell last Monday, March 5, while I returned to an absolutely wonderful welcome and the craziness that comes with working in a middle school.

Babe was thrilled to have Emmy join her at Ginnell's, and my sweet baby girl had a great day!  I was a little nervous about her eating schedule getting off-kilter in her new surroundings, but she did beautifully!  She's taking the bottle very well, and pumping at work couldn't be any easier.

Thanks to Pinterest, I even managed (and enjoyed!) making dinner every night as well.  I ended the week completely exhuasted, but in a good kind of way. 

And I'm proud of the parenting partnership Ben and me have created.  We make a pretty good team, if I say so myself, and my return to work was a great reminder to me of how blessed I am to share this family with him.

I'm extremely thankful for the furlough day today, though.  There's nothing like a holiday after being back to work for an entire week!

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