Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catch Air!

We celebrated Babe's fourth birthday with some of her very best friends at Catch Air, a local indoor playground.

Even though the play area was pretty busy, we had a fantastic time!

A very special "dance party" was dedicated to Hadley, and she even got to meet something that slightly resembled Hello Kitty.

Thankfully, we're not die hard Hello Kitty fans. 

The kids played and played and played some more.  One of my most favorite things about Catch Air is that it's nearly impossible for the kiddos to get bored's great!  It was also a pretty easy place to host a party...we literally had to show up with just a cake and everything else was handled.

Hadley chose a Tiana cake this year.  No surprises there...Tiana is, after all, Babe's "very best princess."

The best part of the cake, though, was that all that icing was made with cream cheese.

I've decided I like cream cheese.

Sweet Emmy had to settle for a bottle, which both Ben and I were surprised to see her hold on her own.  My little baby is getting so big...

There was so much playing to be done that we ended up taking the gifts home before opening them.  Babe's friends know her so well...favorite gifts this year included a toy horse, a microphone, a princess sticker book, a princess figurine tea party set, sunglasses, an elephant backpack, a baby doll, and a red and black dress.

I still can't believe she's four.

She makes my heart so happy.

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